How to list an ad on here:

First you need to be a member of OGSA to place an ad on here.

Then you need to make an ad using word with a description and photo of the item to help sell it then send it to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you receive any emails containing they want to send an agent around to pick up your item or wanting to offer more money than what you are asking for, delete the email straight away, do not make contact with the sender.

If you send an ad to ogsa with your address on the ad, this will be edited automatically for your protection.

If you sell your item, make the transaction at the club where there  are other members around, or use a dealer. Remember to do your home work when your selling a firearm and when in doubt suggest you use a dealer such as Barry's Firearms. If you know the buyer then all ok.

For WA Police this is a free service for OGSA members and it's intentions are to help sell sporting equipment including firearms to other non OGSA club members. WAFAL will not be placed on individual ads and if there are concerns please raise this with the club via the contacts page.